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if you’re looking to upgrade or simply declutter, our buy back service is your best bet. Sell your iPhone to us for a competitive cash offer, or trade in your Samsung Galaxy for an unbeatable value. We pride ourselves on a seamless and efficient process, ensuring you get the most for your devices. 


With our transparent transactions, we’ve established ourselves as the trusted buyer in the region. Whether it’s an Pixel Phone or LG, bring it to our nearby center and walk away with cash or credit towards your next purchase. Experience the hassle-free way to monetize your tech at our location near Farmington Hills, Mi.

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“Great deals and customer service! I came by twice in one day and the next day recycled Phones and sold a laptop. Perfect place to go!.”

“Best Phone store near Farmington hills, Mi I love the customer service they always take care of the customers quickly and I had a great chat with Ahmed very nice guy I’ll be your number customer lol!”
“Came in minutes before closing and Zack was extremely resourceful and patient! 10/10!”

How To Trade Your Phone For Cash:


get an offer

just fill out the form above, call or text us, or visit our store.


get your Phone ready to trade

which means removing your account, resetting to factory settings, and charging it up.


the best part – getting paid!

Just bring your Mobile phone and any accessories to our store near Farmington hills, and our team of experts will inspect its condition and specifications. If everything matches the information you provided, we’ll pay you on the spot.

Why Sell My Phone With EcoStar?

Best Market Rates

Whether you’re looking to part ways with your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you can expect nothing but competitive offers from us. We constantly evaluate market trends to ensure that you receive a price that truly reflects the current value of your device. You’ve invested in your tech, and we make sure that investment pays off.

Instant Cash Payments

Say no to waiting periods and store credits that limit your options. When you decide to trade with us, we put cash directly into your hands. No gimmicks, no long waits, just straightforward and immediate payments. Experience the ease and efficiency of our process and understand why so many near Farmington Hills trust us with their phone trade-ins.

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Your iPhone Trade-In Questions Answered: FAQs

We accept all types of iPhones for trade-in, regardless of age or model. While older models may not be worth as much, we still take them in for recycling to ensure they are properly disposed.

We accept iPhones in any condition for trade-in, although the trade-in value may vary depending on the age and condition of the device.

There are three easy ways to get a trade-in value for your iPhone. You can fill out the form above with your iPhone information, call or text us, or visit our store near Farmington Hills for an in-person evaluation.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the original packaging or accessories for your iPhone – it will still qualify for cash trade-in without them.


Yes, you can trade in your iPhone even if it’s still under contract with your carrier. However, you should be aware that there may be early termination fees or other costs associated with ending your contract early. Additionally, the trade-in value of your iPhone may be affected. 

Trading in your iPhone can be a smart decision, as iPhones tend to hold their value well due to the potential for parts to be used in repair, refurbishment, or resale. At our iPhone Trade Program, we offer cash for your trade-in on the spot, making it a convenient and hassle-free way to get some extra cash for your iPhone. Contact us today to see how much your iPhone is worth!

Our customers consistently rave about the high trade-in values we offer and the convenience of our cash trade-in process. Whether you choose to fill out our online form, call/text us, or visit our store in person, we make it easy to get a fair and competitive offer for your iPhone.

Don’t settle for less – trade in your iPhone with us and get the best value for your device! Were only 15-20 min away from Farmington Hills.

When you trade in your phone with us, we take great care to ensure that it’s fully functional and ready for its next owner. We do a full functional check and reset the device to its factory settings. Once it’s ready, we offer it for sale to another user, extending the life of the device and reducing electronic waste. So not only do you get some extra cash for your old phone, but you also help to reduce your environmental footprint. It’s a win-win situation!

Thinking of trading your iPhone, but not sure whether to pawn it or Trade it to a local shop near Farmington Hills?

Here’s what you need to know:


  • Receive a loan for a fraction of its value, with interest
  • Risk losing your iPhone if you can’t repay the loan on time
  • Won’t receive full value for your iPhone


  • Get a fair price for your iPhone based on its condition, age, and market value
  • Receive a one-time payment without worrying about loan repayment or hassle
  • Best option if you don’t plan on using it again or need the money for other purposes

The decision to pawn or trade your iPhone depends on your personal situation. At our  store near Farmington Hills, we offer a trade-in program for cash, which means you can trade in your old iPhone for cash value.

So, if you’re looking for a simple, fast, and reliable way to get the best value for your iPhone, consider trading it in at our shop.