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Selling your electronics is a breeze. Our process is straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring you get the best value for your items without any complications. Whether you have a single device or multiple, come experience the ease of selling electronics at our renowned cell phone store near Southfield.

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“Great deals and customer service! I came by twice in one day and the next day recycled phones and sold a laptop. Perfect place to go!.”

“Best phone store near Southfield I love the customer service they always take care of the customers quickly and I had a great chat with Ahmed very nice guy I’ll be your number customer lol!”
“Came in minutes before closing and Zack was extremely resourceful and patient! 10/10!”

Explore What You Can Sell

Sell iPhone

Trade old iPhones for cash. Swift, eco-smart, and beneficial.

Sell iPad

Sell iPads and tablets. Max value, green choice.

Sell MacBook

Trade your MacBook. Smart, sustainable, top-dollar.

Sell Laptop

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Turn Your Used Electronics into Cash

Looking to sell or trade for cash? Bring your unused electronics to our Buy Back Center near Southfield. Our streamlined process ensures that selling your devices is not only easy but also rewarding. At our Cell Phone Shop, we prioritize giving you the best value for your items. Come in and experience a hassle-free way to cash in on your old electronics.

Steps to Sell Your Electronics:


Get An Offer

Just fill out the form above, call or text us, or visit our store.


Get Your Electronics Ready

This includes removing your iCloud account, resetting to factory settings, and charging it up.


The Best Part – Getting Paid!

Bring your electronics and any accessories to our store, and we’ll inspect them to ensure everything matches the information you provided. If everything checks out, we’ll pay you on the spot!

Common Items You Can Sell:

We also purchase a variety of other devices. To see if you can receive an offer for your item, simply complete the offer form above.

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