WHERE TO SELL YOUR IPAD or Tablet: Checking Out Different Selling Platforms

Discover the ultimate guide to selling your iPad. Explore online platforms, trade-in programs, and local stores to get the best deal for your device
Selling iPad on eBay: Person at desk with computer and iPad on side.

Want to sell your iPad and upgrade to a new model? Or maybe make some extra cash by getting rid of your old device?

Explore top-selling platforms online and offline to find the best one for you.

Online Marketplaces


eBay is a super popular online marketplace with a huge user base. They’ve got a wide range of products, including iPads.

Creating an account is a breeze, and their platform is totally secure for Trading. Plus, they’ve got convenient shipping and payment options.

You can list your iPad for auction or set a fixed price. Just make sure to include detailed descriptions and photos to attract buyers.


Like eBay, Amazon is a popular online marketplace to sell iPads and tablets. Create an account, set up a seller profile, and showcase your ready-to-sell product in the best way possible to get the most cash.

Amazon offers different options to sell, including fixed prices or auctions. Keep in mind, there’s a referral fee for each item sold, which varies by category.

With Amazon’s wide reach and great features, you can sell your iPad online to a large customer base

Social media marketplaces

Facebook Marketplace

Taking photo of iPad in living room for social media marketplace, laptop on table.

Facebook Marketplace is a popular platform for local Trading process. Listing your used iPad is easy with its user-friendly interface.

It’s free to use! Sell your iPad without extra charges. With a large user base, Facebook Marketplace is a great way to connect with potential buyers and sell your iPad quickly.


Instagram is not just an entertainment platform, it can be used as a digital shop for your used iPad.

Post pictures on your profile or create a dedicated account to earn the most cash. Use hashtags to reach more buyers. Utilize Stories and IGTV to showcase your product and interact with potential buyers.

Unlike dedicated platforms like eBay or Amazon, Instagram lacks certain protections and security features. It’s important to prioritize safety and ensure secure transactions, particularly when meeting buyers in person.

Use your judgment to make informed decisions and safeguard your interests.

Trade-In Programs

Customer in busy, well-lit Apple store, participating in Trade-In program.

Apple Trade-In

Experience the convenience of Apple’s trade-in program and effortlessly sell your old tablet. Trade it in, receive fair value, and apply it towards your new purchase. Choose the option of either sending it by mail or dropping it off at an Apple store.

Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy, the renowned electronics retailer, offers a hassle-free trade-in program. Exchange your old iPad for a gift card towards a new purchase and save on the latest gadgets!

Best Buy provides online and in-store options to suit your preferences.

Local Stores

Person trading in iPad at a local electronics store with a warm and inviting atmosphere, similar to previous setting.

Electronic Stores

You can also visit local electronic shops such as Best Buy, Target, or Walmart. These places often offer buy-back programs for convenience. 

By participating, you can receive store credit or cash for your old iPad. Selling at a physical shop provides an instant quote and immediate payment, without the wait of digital transactions.

Second-Hand Stores

Sell your iPad to second-hand shops like GameStop or Gazelle. These shops provide convenience and a straightforward process, although they might offer slightly lower prices compared to other platforms.

Weigh the pros and cons of each option to make an informed decision that suits your needs.

Specialized Electronics Platforms


Swappa is a popular platform for trading electronics. It verifies product quality, building buyer trust and increasing the chances of selling your iPad at a fair price.

Listing on Swappa is easy and free, with fees only applied upon successful sale. It’s a great option to sell newer iPad models.


Person selling iPad through Decluttr service, carefully packaging the device in a box with the Decluttr logo.

This website focuses on simplicity and convenience, making it easy to sell your iPad. Get an instant quote by entering your device information, ship it for free, and get paid the day after receiving your item.

Plus, their price promise guarantees that you’ll receive the first offer or they’ll send your iPad back for free. It’s a safe and reliable option for selling your iPad quickly.


Gazelle offers competitive prices for used iPads. It’s a great option to save time, get an instant quote based on your device’s condition, and choose between cash or store credit.

Remember to wipe and reset your device to protect personal information

Specialized Electronic Buyback Companies

Person trading in iPad at EcoStar Wireless, a local electronics store with an eco-friendly green and white theme.

EcoStar Wireless


EcoStar Wireless is dedicated to buying and recycling electronics, including iPads. It’s easy: just share your iPad’s model and condition to get an instant quote.

If you accept, they’ll provide a free shipping label service. Once they receive and confirm your iPad’s condition, they’ll pay you via check or PayPal.

By choosing EcoStar Wireless and their efficient service, you’re making an eco-friendly choice as they prioritize recycling and reducing electronic waste.

How to Use EcoStar Wireless

  1. To get a quote, visit the EcoStar Wireless website, select ‘Sell Your Device’, and simply enter your iPad’s details to view an instant quote

  2. Create an account on EcoStar Wireless to track your transaction and receive updates.

  3. Prepare your iPad for shipment and securely package it with the prepaid shipping label provided by EcoStar Wireless.

  4. Send your iPad using the specified carrier on the label and keep a postage receipt.

  5. EcoStar Wireless inspects your iPad upon receipt to review its condition. If it matches your description, they proceed; otherwise, they may revise the offer.

  6. Receive payment via check or PayPal upon approval from EcoStar Wireless.

  7. Make an eco-friendly choice by choosing EcoStar Wireless, as they recycle all electronics responsibly.

Remember, before sending your iPad, backup your data, sign out from all accounts, and perform a factory reset to protect your personal information.

When selling your iPad, research and compare prices on different platforms. Consider convenience, fees, and trade-in options before choosing. Find the perfect platform for your needs.

For further detailed guidance on how to successfully sell your iPad, check out this comprehensive Ultimate Guide to Selling Your iPad or tablet.