3 Ways to Check MacBook Trade-In Value

Don't Sell Yet: Discover the True Trade-in Value of Your MacBook, Pro, or Air.
Hand holding a white card with a chip over a MacBook keyboard

Before selling or trading in your MacBook, Pro, or Air, knowing its value is crucial. Various methods can help determine this value, each with its own set of benefits.

Understanding your MacBook’s worth is key. To learn the best way to find out what your MacBook, Pro, or Air is worth, look at all ways to sell your MacBook.

Valuation Factors:

  • Model: MacBook Pro often commands a higher trade-in value compared to other models.
  • Release Year: Newer models are likely to fetch a better price.
  • Power Cycle: Indicates battery health, impacting the trade-in value.

Trade-in Methods:

  • Direct Trade-in: Fast and straightforward but may offer less value.
  • Online Sale: Potentially higher value, but requires time and effort.
  • Physical Retail: Might offer value between online sales and direct trade-in. Due to the demand, the resale of MacBooks is worth getting an offer from physical retail stores.

The method you choose depends on your end goal and the time you’re willing to invest. Being informed of your MacBook’s true value is the first step towards a successful transaction.

Apple Trade-Value (Store Credit)

  • Navigate to Apple’s GiveBack webpage. >> Apple Trade in
  • Input your MacBook’s details to receive an estimated store credit value.

Cash Offer Value (Ecostar Wireless)

Market Value (Self-Selling)

  1. Start by visiting eBay to gauge your MacBook’s market value. >> Ebay

  2. Enter your MacBook model and year in the search bar.

  3. Click on ‘Advanced’ next to the search button.

  4. Under ‘Search Including,’ check the box for ‘Completed Items’ and ‘Sold Items.’

  5. Click ‘Search’ to see a list of sold listings.

Find the average selling price of MacBooks that are similar to yours in condition on eBay. Use this average price as a reference when listing your MacBook on platforms like Facebook Market or other online venues. Once your MacBook is listed, compare the offers you receive, and choose the most beneficial one to proceed with the sale.